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Archived Headlines - [ view archives ]

OMG! The Rapists is Reporting His Crime! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

I thought things like this only happened in the movies.

Sound Wave Worships the Devil! - [ Bikini Line ]

My childhood + rape = Transformers The Michael Bay Movie

Chinese Man Rejects First Penis Transplant! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Ever look down at your penis and realize it's not yours?

Wanted: One Asian Man to Play Mr. Miyagi in our douchbag Karate Kid themed Halloween Party - [ Bikini Line ]

I hate this shit.

Because I Still Lift Weights To This Track - [ Bikini Line ]

Sooooooul Screeeeam!

Behold . . . The Ghetto Big Mac! - [ Bikini Line ]

OMFG! I've been blessed with a little bit of You-Tube sun shine today.

Nothing Like Watching Your Girl Poop - [ Celluloid Porn ]

In life, there's nothing that says intimacy more than watching your girl take a dump.

TMNT Are Back! - [ Bikini Line ]

Sweet Jesus . . . the turtles are back?

Count Down Till Shit Storm - [ Bikini Line ]

OMG! Michael Bay, You Will Pay For Your Heresy!!!

Am I a genius or just really demented? - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Korean BBQ Cabbage . . . Patch Kids? You nkow you're salivating.

Transformers the "FAKE" Movie - [ Bikini Line ]

There is only "ONE" true Transformers movie, and it ain't this one!

Ode to Hyori Lee - [ Bikini Line ]

Why can't we have commercials like this in the U.S.?

Naruto Cup-O-Noodles? - [ Treasure Chest ]

Now you too can enjoy MSG while ninja fighting!

Toys! - [ We are Bikini ]

I'm lazy, here's a link to my massive toy collection.

Oh Lord, thank you for the ability to poop. - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Those Koreans are some weird people. God bless them and their poop Flash animations.

I Think My Taste In Women Is Ghetto - [ Bikini Line ]

When your friends and coworkers all unanimously say you have ghetto taste in women, you're screwed.

Rice Burner's E3 2006 Photobook - [ Bikini Line ]

Straight from the E3 floor for your enjoyment.

Mobile Suit . . . Condom? - [ Treasure Chest ]

What in the world is going on in Japan and their target marketing demographics.

New Super Dragon Ball Z Game! - [ Bikini Line ]

Namco/Bandai and Atari announce new Super Dragon Ball Z game with development team responsible for Street Fighter II arcade game! gasp

Darth Vader Vs. The Japanese Police - [ Bikini Line ]

The force is strong, but it isn't "that" strong. Checkout this mini clip of Darth Vader Vs. The Japanese Police

Yellow Fever! - [ Bikini Line ]

Gawd Damn this is funny.

I'm Such A Super Robot Nerd. - [ Bikini Line ]

Mazinger Z! The Bestest Giant Robot Show Evar!

The Bane of All Deviants! - [ Bikini Line ]

Better watch out. You could be on this list too.

PSP Supports the Gawking of Underaged Japanese Girls - [ Celluloid Porn ]

SCEJ approves a UMD PSP release which encourages the habit of dating underaged Japanese girls.

UPDATE: My Friends . . . Please Stop Sending Me This. - [ Treasure Chest ]

So now I get this . . .

My Friends . . . Please Stop Sending Me This. - [ Treasure Chest ]

Some things go together well, some things should never be combined.

The Most Uncomfortable Interview Evar - [ Bikini Line ]

Sometimes being the Japanese president of a 12 year old actress's fan club is a bad thing.

Is Racisim Getting Too Hip? - [ Treasure Chest ]

Is racisim getting hip and in vogue? Seems like it to me. Adidas goes Abercrombie.

Good Lord! That's Ugly! - [ Treasure Chest ]

Just when you thought it couldn't get any fuglier, a new shoe hits the stores.

Duty Of A Man - [ Celluloid Porn ]

It's the duty of every man to know and understand what challenges every women faces in her life time.

Calling On All Naruto Fans! - [ Bikini Line ]

Calling on all Naruto fans! If you're a fan of action/adventure or martial arts anime, you may want to read this for an opportunity to win a voice casting job as a Naruto character in the second season of the U.S. dubbed rendition.

Media Update: Rumble Roses XX - [ Bikini Line ]

Checkout the latest Screens of Rumble Roses XX Straight From Konami Japan!

Mario Teaches Us About Imperialism - [ Bikini Line ]

Join Bikinigamer and attend the Chinese History Lesson Hour with Professor Mario. Damn Bowser and his opium! No wonder those commies hate everybody.

Royal Blog Screw Up! - [ We are Bikini ]

I pwned myself on this one.

Test Your Asian Eye - [ Bikini Line ]

Do you have the "Asian Eye"? Test your Asian-ness by trying to tell the differance between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans.

Duck Hunt: Call of Duty Edition? - [ Bikini Line ]

Ever want to shoot that stupid dog in Duck Hunt? Or maybe try out a full auto submachine gun on the ducks? I have the game for you.

It's A New Fad! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

There's a new fad the internet concerning altering pics, and I've found myself at a philosophical dilemma.

E3 Goes To War Against Booth Babes? Or. . . Not? - [ Bikini Line ]

What's all the hub-bub about anyways?

One year old, and over 1000 spam comments! - [ We are Bikini ]

Keeping the internet funny and filthy since 2004.

Mr. Miyagi's Words of Wisdom - [ Bikini Line ]

I-Mockery passes on Mr Miyagi's words of wisdom straight from the grave.

Big Trouble in Little South Park - [ Bikini Line ]

Ah, all is right in the world once more. Checkout original flash animation.

My morbid fascination with the Xbox 360 - [ Bikini Line ]

Tired of hearing how the Xbox 360 is the "it" product? Well, watch this video to release some of that aggression.

Mystery Meat For X-Mas? Spam Anyone? - [ Bikini Line ]

Kid receives a piece of mystery meat in his iPod box for Christmas

Holiday Rants and Musings - [ Bikini Line ]

It's the holidays, here's my random holiday thoughts and musings presented in a compressed constipated form.

Disturbing PC Case Mod - [ Treasure Chest ]

Sometimes expressing yourself is a little creepy. Objectification of women has never been easier.

The Nintendo DS teaches people how to pleasure themselves. - [ Bikini Line ]

The Nintendo DS just got a whole lot smuttier.

Behold the Evil of Sanrio! - [ Bikini Line ]

We always knew Hello Kitty was plotting to destroy the videogame industry. Now, there's definitive proof.

It's Sapp Time! - [ Bikini Line ]

Morning Musume vs. Bob Sapp

Breakformers RULE! - [ Bikini Line ]

Yet another definitive reason why Transformers occupy the pinnacle position as the coolest children's toy ever.

Cosplay Gamer/Maid Service? - [ Bikini Line ]

Ever have one of those moments when you want to play a two player game, clean up your room, and gawk at a cute Japanese girl all at the same time? Well, Japan has a service for you.

Hello Kitty Hentai? - [ Celluloid Porn ]

The Japanese have perverted almost every topic imaginable into depraved, tenticle ladden, hentai (illustrated pornography) except one concept. Lecto enlightens the masses into why Hello Kitty porn hasn't hit our hedonistic little minds.

You Won't Find This on Steam - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Caution: May make mommies very angry.

Musical Boobies? - [ Bikini Line ]

Ever wish your girlfriends breasts would have the ability to play music? Well you're one step closer to your dreams.

Scratch Ambassador Q-bert's Word's of Hip-Hop and Gaming Wisdom. - [ Bikini Line ]

With the recent emergence of the hip-hop movement into our mainstream consciousness, the definition of true hip-hop has become enigmatic. Luckily for GamePro, renowned hip-hop scratcher DJ Q-Bert chimes in on the distortions between fact and fiction.

There's something wrong with Street Fighter Cammy fans. - [ Treasure Chest ]

There's something wrong with Street Fighter Cammy fans. Judge for yourselves.

What's going on with the Asian kids at Tuft University? - [ Bikini Line ]

What's going on with the Asian kids at Tuft University?

Check it out! It's the next gen Wario Ware Inc. - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Check it out! It's the next gen Wario Ware Inc.My Gawd. . . I'm going to hell.

Latest Screens for Dead Or Alive 4 Master Chieftress! - [ Bikini Line ]

Check out our latest screens for Dead Or Alive 4 Master Chieftress! So Hawt!

Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest! - [ Bikini Line ]

Poor Domo-Kun can't have any fun. Help Domo-Kun (everybody's favorite Japanese TV mascot) foil the plans of the evil Power Puff Girls and their master Death Addler in this cool I-Mockery flash game. It's the next best thing to Cum-Fu.

News: Nintendo Revolution Controller Press Release! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

In a Japanese press conference, this week, Nintendo showed off a new super secret function of the Nintendo Revolution controller.

Once Again, Its Free Swag Time! Featuring the DOA Mouse Pad! - [ Treasure Chest ]

May the gaming booby gods praise Blogga the Hutt and Tecmo too.

Monkey Rapes Chinese Boy! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Monkey Rapes Chinese Boy! Check out these seemingly innocent figurines you can get at the dollar store and Chinatown.

Proof that Yoda is Chinese! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Proof that Yoda is Chinese! How else do you explain how he eats that gruel and speaks backwards?

I Like To Play With My Snake! - [ Treasure Chest ]

I Like To Play With My Snake! Check out Medicom's latest Real Action Hero, Snake!

Moments In Cartoon History: Insert Dirty Thought Here! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Moments In Cartoon History: Insert Dirty Thought Here! You Sick Furry Lover!

Let's Get Ready To Fireball!!! - [ Bikini Line ]

Check out the man behind the scenes of Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi, Ryo Mito. What would the developer of a DBZ game be like...hmm.

Moments In Cartoon History: Ewoks Are Sinners! They Should All Be Eaten! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Moments In Cartoon History: The insidious truth is revealed: Ewoks have unprotected underage sex!

Moments In Cartoon History: I Love Corn! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Moments In Cartoon History: I Love CORN!

Rumble Roses XX is here! - [ Gals N' Gaming ]

It is almost here....

Copytron - [ Bikini Line ]

The copy machine's tired of your shit.

Poke-Condoms? - [ Treasure Chest ]

What in the world goes on in Japan? Poke-Condoms?

We love chocolate!!! - [ Bikini Line ]

Proof that sex sells.

Synergy at it's best! - Erotic Eleven! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

What happens when you combine a soccer video game with Asian porn? ...Erotic Eleven.

The Bestest Pic Ripped From A Japanese Movie Evaaa! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

The Bestest Pic Ripped From A Japanese Movie Evaaa!

Best of the Worst Bad Pickup Lines - [ Bikini Line ]

Please don't blame us later, if you're planning on using these pickup lines.

Moments in Cartoon History - Umm...yeah, Yo Joe? - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Umm...yeah, Yo Joe?

Once You Go Gnome You Never Go Home - [ Gals N' Gaming ]

A little gnome goes a long way.

Toy Heaven, All Hail Dr. Zombie! - [ Treasure Chest ]

One of the greatest aspects of being in entertainment the free shit.

It's The Games That Make You Cool! - DDR - [ Bikini Line ]

Dance Dance Revolution has made me cool at the clubs.

Moments in Cartoon History - Aromatic Flavor! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Don't pay attention to PetroRabbit! He's dilusional! It's all about the Celluliod Porn.

Mad Ramblings of PetroRabbit - Gamers Can Be Cool Too! - [ Bikini Line ]

Cool people could be gamers too!

I Wipe My Ass with Hello Kitty - [ Treasure Chest ]

I Wipe My Ass with Hello Kitty!

Synergy at it's best! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

What happens when you combine two male prepubescent pastimes together? Come see for yourself.

Moments in Cartoon History - Boobies! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Moments in Cartoon History - Boobies!

StarWars Celebration III Post Mortem Photobook - [ Bikini Line ]

Our trip to the Star Wars Celebration III in Indiapolis.

Moments in Cartoon History - Cobra La La La La! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Moments in Cartoon History - Cobra La La La La!

Nocturnal Nightmare - [ Celluloid Porn ]

My adolescent fantasies of Chun Li will never ever be the same.

Fun Facts: Top 10 Mistakes Gamers Make With Chicks - [ Gals N' Gaming ]

Read on: will show you how to get chicks to lay it on ya!

Chicks Dig the Piledriver - [ Gals N' Gaming ]

It's how Zangief gets all the ladies.

Women Who PWN!: Meet Succubus - [ Gals N' Gaming ]

You can't dress her, but we have no quarrels with that.

Intron Depot Girls Collection - [ Treasure Chest ]

Special limited collection of Intron Depot hotties. Enjoy!

Capcom Fighting Girls Collection - [ Treasure Chest ]

Indulge yourself in those sick twisted fantasies of Kawaii... bat girls to your hearts content

Women Who PWN!: Meet Eva - [ Gals N' Gaming ]

If she's good enough for Snake, she's good enough BikiniGamer.

Moments in Cartoon History - Trans-form! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Do you remember this moment in cartoon history?

Dub Super Series 2004 - [ Bikini Line ]

Cars, babes, and notable personalities!