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Bikini Line - [ view archives ]

Sound Wave Worships the Devil! - [ Bikini Line ]

My childhood + rape = Transformers The Michael Bay Movie

Wanted: One Asian Man to Play Mr. Miyagi in our douchbag Karate Kid themed Halloween Party - [ Bikini Line ]

I hate this shit.

Because I Still Lift Weights To This Track - [ Bikini Line ]

Sooooooul Screeeeam!

Behold . . . The Ghetto Big Mac! - [ Bikini Line ]

OMFG! I've been blessed with a little bit of You-Tube sun shine today.

TMNT Are Back! - [ Bikini Line ]

Sweet Jesus . . . the turtles are back?

Count Down Till Shit Storm - [ Bikini Line ]

OMG! Michael Bay, You Will Pay For Your Heresy!!!

Transformers the "FAKE" Movie - [ Bikini Line ]

There is only "ONE" true Transformers movie, and it ain't this one!

Ode to Hyori Lee - [ Bikini Line ]

Why can't we have commercials like this in the U.S.?

I Think My Taste In Women Is Ghetto - [ Bikini Line ]

When your friends and coworkers all unanimously say you have ghetto taste in women, you're screwed.

Rice Burner's E3 2006 Photobook - [ Bikini Line ]

Straight from the E3 floor for your enjoyment.

New Super Dragon Ball Z Game! - [ Bikini Line ]

Namco/Bandai and Atari announce new Super Dragon Ball Z game with development team responsible for Street Fighter II arcade game! gasp

Darth Vader Vs. The Japanese Police - [ Bikini Line ]

The force is strong, but it isn't "that" strong. Checkout this mini clip of Darth Vader Vs. The Japanese Police

Yellow Fever! - [ Bikini Line ]

Gawd Damn this is funny.

I'm Such A Super Robot Nerd. - [ Bikini Line ]

Mazinger Z! The Bestest Giant Robot Show Evar!

The Bane of All Deviants! - [ Bikini Line ]

Better watch out. You could be on this list too.

The Most Uncomfortable Interview Evar - [ Bikini Line ]

Sometimes being the Japanese president of a 12 year old actress's fan club is a bad thing.

Calling On All Naruto Fans! - [ Bikini Line ]

Calling on all Naruto fans! If you're a fan of action/adventure or martial arts anime, you may want to read this for an opportunity to win a voice casting job as a Naruto character in the second season of the U.S. dubbed rendition.

Media Update: Rumble Roses XX - [ Bikini Line ]

Checkout the latest Screens of Rumble Roses XX Straight From Konami Japan!

Mario Teaches Us About Imperialism - [ Bikini Line ]

Join Bikinigamer and attend the Chinese History Lesson Hour with Professor Mario. Damn Bowser and his opium! No wonder those commies hate everybody.

Test Your Asian Eye - [ Bikini Line ]

Do you have the "Asian Eye"? Test your Asian-ness by trying to tell the differance between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans.

Duck Hunt: Call of Duty Edition? - [ Bikini Line ]

Ever want to shoot that stupid dog in Duck Hunt? Or maybe try out a full auto submachine gun on the ducks? I have the game for you.

E3 Goes To War Against Booth Babes? Or. . . Not? - [ Bikini Line ]

What's all the hub-bub about anyways?

Mr. Miyagi's Words of Wisdom - [ Bikini Line ]

I-Mockery passes on Mr Miyagi's words of wisdom straight from the grave.

Big Trouble in Little South Park - [ Bikini Line ]

Ah, all is right in the world once more. Checkout original flash animation.

My morbid fascination with the Xbox 360 - [ Bikini Line ]

Tired of hearing how the Xbox 360 is the "it" product? Well, watch this video to release some of that aggression.

Mystery Meat For X-Mas? Spam Anyone? - [ Bikini Line ]

Kid receives a piece of mystery meat in his iPod box for Christmas

Holiday Rants and Musings - [ Bikini Line ]

It's the holidays, here's my random holiday thoughts and musings presented in a compressed constipated form.

The Nintendo DS teaches people how to pleasure themselves. - [ Bikini Line ]

The Nintendo DS just got a whole lot smuttier.

Behold the Evil of Sanrio! - [ Bikini Line ]

We always knew Hello Kitty was plotting to destroy the videogame industry. Now, there's definitive proof.

It's Sapp Time! - [ Bikini Line ]

Morning Musume vs. Bob Sapp

Breakformers RULE! - [ Bikini Line ]

Yet another definitive reason why Transformers occupy the pinnacle position as the coolest children's toy ever.

Cosplay Gamer/Maid Service? - [ Bikini Line ]

Ever have one of those moments when you want to play a two player game, clean up your room, and gawk at a cute Japanese girl all at the same time? Well, Japan has a service for you.

Musical Boobies? - [ Bikini Line ]

Ever wish your girlfriends breasts would have the ability to play music? Well you're one step closer to your dreams.

Scratch Ambassador Q-bert's Word's of Hip-Hop and Gaming Wisdom. - [ Bikini Line ]

With the recent emergence of the hip-hop movement into our mainstream consciousness, the definition of true hip-hop has become enigmatic. Luckily for GamePro, renowned hip-hop scratcher DJ Q-Bert chimes in on the distortions between fact and fiction.

What's going on with the Asian kids at Tuft University? - [ Bikini Line ]

What's going on with the Asian kids at Tuft University?

Latest Screens for Dead Or Alive 4 Master Chieftress! - [ Bikini Line ]

Check out our latest screens for Dead Or Alive 4 Master Chieftress! So Hawt!

Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest! - [ Bikini Line ]

Poor Domo-Kun can't have any fun. Help Domo-Kun (everybody's favorite Japanese TV mascot) foil the plans of the evil Power Puff Girls and their master Death Addler in this cool I-Mockery flash game. It's the next best thing to Cum-Fu.

Let's Get Ready To Fireball!!! - [ Bikini Line ]

Check out the man behind the scenes of Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi, Ryo Mito. What would the developer of a DBZ game be like...hmm.

Copytron - [ Bikini Line ]

The copy machine's tired of your shit.

We love chocolate!!! - [ Bikini Line ]

Proof that sex sells.

Best of the Worst Bad Pickup Lines - [ Bikini Line ]

Please don't blame us later, if you're planning on using these pickup lines.

It's The Games That Make You Cool! - DDR - [ Bikini Line ]

Dance Dance Revolution has made me cool at the clubs.

Mad Ramblings of PetroRabbit - Gamers Can Be Cool Too! - [ Bikini Line ]

Cool people could be gamers too!

StarWars Celebration III Post Mortem Photobook - [ Bikini Line ]

Our trip to the Star Wars Celebration III in Indiapolis.

Dub Super Series 2004 - [ Bikini Line ]

Cars, babes, and notable personalities!