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Archived Headlines for March 2006 - [ view archives ]

PSP Supports the Gawking of Underaged Japanese Girls - [ Celluloid Porn ]

SCEJ approves a UMD PSP release which encourages the habit of dating underaged Japanese girls.

UPDATE: My Friends . . . Please Stop Sending Me This. - [ Treasure Chest ]

So now I get this . . .

My Friends . . . Please Stop Sending Me This. - [ Treasure Chest ]

Some things go together well, some things should never be combined.

The Most Uncomfortable Interview Evar - [ Bikini Line ]

Sometimes being the Japanese president of a 12 year old actress's fan club is a bad thing.

Is Racisim Getting Too Hip? - [ Treasure Chest ]

Is racisim getting hip and in vogue? Seems like it to me. Adidas goes Abercrombie.

Good Lord! That's Ugly! - [ Treasure Chest ]

Just when you thought it couldn't get any fuglier, a new shoe hits the stores.

Duty Of A Man - [ Celluloid Porn ]

It's the duty of every man to know and understand what challenges every women faces in her life time.

Calling On All Naruto Fans! - [ Bikini Line ]

Calling on all Naruto fans! If you're a fan of action/adventure or martial arts anime, you may want to read this for an opportunity to win a voice casting job as a Naruto character in the second season of the U.S. dubbed rendition.