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    The Internet makes you stupid.
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    OMGPWNED.NET: the Ultimate Pwned Directory! These pictures pwn!
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Archived Headlines for July 2005 - [ view archives ]

Best of the Worst Bad Pickup Lines - [ Bikini Line ]

Please don't blame us later, if you're planning on using these pickup lines.

Moments in Cartoon History - Umm...yeah, Yo Joe? - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Umm...yeah, Yo Joe?

Once You Go Gnome You Never Go Home - [ Gals N' Gaming ]

A little gnome goes a long way.

Toy Heaven, All Hail Dr. Zombie! - [ Treasure Chest ]

One of the greatest aspects of being in entertainment the free shit.

It's The Games That Make You Cool! - DDR - [ Bikini Line ]

Dance Dance Revolution has made me cool at the clubs.