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Archived Headlines for November 2005 - [ view archives ]

Breakformers RULE! - [ Bikini Line ]

Yet another definitive reason why Transformers occupy the pinnacle position as the coolest children's toy ever.

Cosplay Gamer/Maid Service? - [ Bikini Line ]

Ever have one of those moments when you want to play a two player game, clean up your room, and gawk at a cute Japanese girl all at the same time? Well, Japan has a service for you.

Hello Kitty Hentai? - [ Celluloid Porn ]

The Japanese have perverted almost every topic imaginable into depraved, tenticle ladden, hentai (illustrated pornography) except one concept. Lecto enlightens the masses into why Hello Kitty porn hasn't hit our hedonistic little minds.

You Won't Find This on Steam - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Caution: May make mommies very angry.

Musical Boobies? - [ Bikini Line ]

Ever wish your girlfriends breasts would have the ability to play music? Well you're one step closer to your dreams.

Scratch Ambassador Q-bert's Word's of Hip-Hop and Gaming Wisdom. - [ Bikini Line ]

With the recent emergence of the hip-hop movement into our mainstream consciousness, the definition of true hip-hop has become enigmatic. Luckily for GamePro, renowned hip-hop scratcher DJ Q-Bert chimes in on the distortions between fact and fiction.

There's something wrong with Street Fighter Cammy fans. - [ Treasure Chest ]

There's something wrong with Street Fighter Cammy fans. Judge for yourselves.

What's going on with the Asian kids at Tuft University? - [ Bikini Line ]

What's going on with the Asian kids at Tuft University?