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Calling On All Naruto Fans! - [ Bikini Line ]

You could be the voice of the next wave of characters.

Calling on all Naruto fans, I just got word that GamePro (in collaboration with Tomy, and Viz Media), will be launching an exclusive sweepstakes. Applicants will be able to win several cool prizes, including a grand prize opportunity to be cast as a voice actor for a character in the second season of the Naruto anime currently airing on Cartoon Network . The grand prize package includes a voice acting spot, roundtrip airfare to L.A., one-night hotel accommodations, meals, and local transportation

You can view the sweepstakes rules in GamePro issue 211 (on sale March 14). There will also be a online site that will go live on the same date as the issue sale date where you can sign up for the sweepstakes.

Any of you guys interested in Naruto? GamePro is also looking for Naruto Fans to be featured in the magazine. If you want to be in the mag, send me your name, hometown, and email address info to: [email protected]

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That's cool. I don't know much about it (just what I read in your article in the last issue), but it sounds like a good anime cartoon. I think I'll check it out.

Smak would probably be interested, but alas, he's a GamePro employee.

Posted on: Mar 01 2006 - 01:27 by Kalell

Just wait, you'll all get to see what Smak looks like in GP issue 211. He's in it modeling the Naruto head band.

Posted on: Mar 01 2006 - 01:46 by Rice Burner

First let me say, I like Naruto. That being said, I like the manga. The anime has the most annoying voices. If I ever have to hear Naruto speak again, I'll have to slaughter Sauske.

Posted on: Mar 01 2006 - 02:01 by asdf

Common, don't you want to be one of the voices? lol

Posted on: Mar 01 2006 - 02:54 by Rice Burner

I have a feeling my accent wouldn't fit into the show very well.

Posted on: Mar 01 2006 - 04:57 by Kalell

Don't talk yourself out of any opportunities. You never know what can happen. But, if you don't try, nothing will ever happen.

Posted on: Mar 01 2006 - 05:05 by Rice Burner

That's true, but it would be wrong for someone that's not a fan to win when that is who the contest is being held for. I would hate to deprive a real fan of this kind of opportunity.

Posted on: Mar 01 2006 - 08:17 by Kalell

cool, though most English dubs (American dubs, anyway) of anime titles tend to suck. That's based from experience. Most of those dubbers have no idea on what they're doing...

Posted on: Mar 02 2006 - 08:51 by bane of tinheads and midgets

Yeah. I agree, most dubs suck. There are only a few exceptions where the dubs actually enhanced the story.

Every Transformer Cartoon since 2001 has really sucked. Bad translations, bad scripting, they even have the wrong voice actors speaking the wrong lines at times.

Bit-torrent and fan subs rule . . .Opps I didn't say that.

Posted on: Mar 02 2006 - 08:59 by Rice Burner

What is this Bit torrent you speak of? Do you use it a lot? How may I leach off of you? Please send me your personal info, so I can raid your house. Thanks.

Posted on: Mar 02 2006 - 09:20 by FBI