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Wanted: One Asian Man to Play Mr. Miyagi in our douchbag Karate Kid themed Halloween Party - [ Bikini Line ]

A Craigslist listing floating around the internet:

"Looking for a small-medium sized Asian male, preferably of Japanese descent, but Chinese or Taiwanese could probably work too, to play the role of Mr Miyagi this Halloween

Participant must be willing to accept minimal amounts of 1980's bully style verbal abuse

Participant will spend most of the night mentoring Daniel Larusso and foiling the schemes of the Cobra Kai, and drinking

Drinks, Transportation, and Costume will be paid for in full plus an extra $20 for your time, $10 bonus if you are willing to use some temporary gray hair dye (assuming participants hair is not already gray)

It should be a good time all around, This ad isn't meant to be offensive or discriminatory, we are trying to put together the most authentic Karate Kid group Halloween effort of all time, and we need a legitimate Mr Miyagi, if you are not Asian you are still more than welcome to contact the email address below, we promise to give you fair consideration

Must be over 21 to reply to this ad

Send all inquiries to [email protected]

Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy"

"authentic Karate Kid group" yeah . . . right. Two things I feel need to be said:

#1 All Asians are not the same. We do not look the same. Our cultures are vastly different. The fact that mainstream society wraps us all up in this catch all group is offensive.

#2 While a classic example of 80's cinema, recreating Karate Kid is just retarded. Nuff said. Damn, I'm such a freaking angry disgruntled Asian man.

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Yeah, recreating Karate Kid is just plain retarded. The idea sucks, and I'm not saying this just cuz I'm asian....

Posted on: Sep 01 2006 - 12:56 by bane of tinheads and midgets

WTF? They should just try to get William Hung. He has nothing else to do. LOL

Posted on: Sep 01 2006 - 10:50 by Project 2109

"Participant must be willing to accept minimal amounts of 1980's bully style verbal abuse"

What does that consitute? This reaks of Douche soo much I feel fungai growing in my nostrals.

Posted on: Sep 02 2006 - 10:32 by Transfat

Check out for all of the Karate Kid Merchandise to make this idea work.

Posted on: Sep 07 2006 - 09:50 by Deebo

Sweep the legs Johnny, sweep . . .the . . . legs!

Posted on: Sep 07 2006 - 02:13 by Cobra Kai

I have nothing profound to say like I usually do, I'm all tapped out, my brain has been drained of knowledge... But they should have known that "but Chinese or Taiwanese could probably work too" was offensive. If they would have simply said Asian male, or just left it at Japanese descent, that would have been ok, but saying "Chinese or Taiwanese could work too" makes it sound like they think all Asians look alike. I don't think they meant it that way (I could be wrong), but people need to stop and think about what they are about to say (or type).

Posted on: Sep 08 2006 - 01:50 by Kalell

I just dont get this.Why do people think only Asians can do "authentic" karate?This doesnt make any sense.I definitely wouldnt mind hiring a white guy to do this if he knew karate better than some yellow dude.This is like in "Chinese" restuarants,where the only people who could possibly cook that kind of food had ancestors that showed up in California 150 years ago.Nobody else could possibly make this stuff!Seriously people these people have no special talent for chinese-themed food.Do people really think they eat anything different than everybody else?They eat burgers and fries,no way around it.These things are mostly run by the teenage kids of Asian-descent parents,looking to make Never mind that the Chinese look is totally forced,[Ive actually seenthe people have probably been in America longer than some of the whites,and are as Americanized as anyone.They have been here for so long,yet they still run Chinese restuarants.Why?More telling,the food we call "Chinese" is actually a genre of American food unique to our country.[For example,the Chinese dont actually use much spices in their food,this was added by Americans later on]. Anywaygetting back to the topic,whoever takes this job is a douchbag.Fly across the country for $20?Pass.

Posted on: Sep 08 2006 - 04:29 by cv

cv, you do know that calling a Chinese person "yellow" can be considered offensive in some parts...

Posted on: Sep 09 2006 - 07:09 by bane of tinheads and midgets

Nice "CV", well except for that Yellow remark, oh wells.

Beside, Karate is Japanese and has nothing at all to do with Chinese culture or any other Asian culture other than the Japanese. Basically what is considered by the western world as "martial arts" is another lump it all together western catch phrase. Every art form/style has evolved through culture, time, and necessity. They have all evolved to be distinct and survive as an art form or sport (meaning they are not used to kill anyone anymore, that's mixed martial arts which takes the best of everything for the sake of assaulting someone).

I also agree with you somewhat about Chinese food in America, it's actually garbage. No where in China will you see someone eating Tomato Beef Chow Fun, or General Chows Chicken. It was all made up by immigrant plantation workers and Asian resturants. Even Fortune Cookies are a invention of a San Franciscan Japanese man.

Posted on: Sep 09 2006 - 02:58 by Rice Burner

It's all part of America's plan for world domination/conquest. They simplify everything alien to them and genralize every facet of culture depending on the continent. This one is a case in point.

Posted on: Sep 11 2006 - 05:51 by bane of tinheads and midgets