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Moments in Cartoon History - Cobra La La La La! - [ Celluloid Porn ]

Do you remember this moment in cartoon history? After a long day of leading a multinational terrorist organization, Cobra Commander likes to unwind by venting his frustrations out on his female subordinates. Luckily for him, being the supreme leader of Cobra Command makes him exempt from social mores and relevant sexual assault charges. Cobra La La La La -Rice Burner


May take a few minutes to load: file Size 5.7MB

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that is odd looking it a little slow on my comp to but funny lookin !!

Posted on: Apr 28 2005 - 09:36 by zukoves

Now there's a man who knows how to treat a leather clad lady with glasses on!

Posted on: Apr 28 2005 - 01:00 by Project 2109

It's the metallic face plate. It's a narcissistic chick thingie.

Posted on: Apr 28 2005 - 01:03 by Rice Burner

I will never see my beloved child hood show the same way again.

Thank You Rice Burner.

Posted on: Apr 29 2005 - 09:59 by Petro Rabbit

All i can say is that Cobra Commander has great taste in women.

Anybody seen that Speed Racer Gecko commerical? Very funny.

Posted on: Apr 29 2005 - 01:20 by SCBarnabas

I can not stand for this! How dare Cobra Commander take what is mine! He's not even a man. My Iron Grenadiers will embark on a crusade of biblical proportions to avenge this outrage! Don't you're dealing with Destro!

Posted on: May 05 2005 - 06:36 by Dr Destro

that guy got some

Posted on: May 08 2005 - 10:47 by terrbear

Was Once A Man!

Posted on: May 11 2005 - 10:52 by Snakey Poo

lucky man

Posted on: May 18 2005 - 04:32 by ummmmmmmmm

spurm leackig

Posted on: May 18 2005 - 04:34 by ummmmmmmmm