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Mad Ramblings of PetroRabbit - Gamers Can Be Cool Too! - [ Bikini Line ]

So I was recently on a misadventure at this little club called Loft 11 in this little city called San Francisco. A friend of mine was trying to holla with a ghetto booty. Since she had a friend with her, I did what any guy would do; be the wingman. I had my friend's back; I would keep her friend company for a bit, while he could try to get his "game... on with this girl.

As we got past the clever humor and introduction, she asked that inevitable question.

"What do you do?"

After telling her, "I work for GamePro Magazine", she gave me a dumbfounded look that was pretty much "Duh" with a question mark on her forehead.

Strike one.

"You should be working for Vogue or something" she responded "Why are you working there?"

Foul ball.

"Because I'm into videogames and I love working there," I answered.

One shot later she admitted she was surprised that a gamer guy like me is out at the club drinking some alcoholic concoction instead of being stuck at home playing videogames.

Swing and miss.

Since I figured how shallow she was, I soon lost interest and proceeded to have fun elsewhere. I mean, this is a club, what else should people expect?

Some time later, I thought to myself, what's wrong with working for GamePro? I do what I like to do, isn't that what is important? Does a gamer really have to be stuck at home, all the time, playing GTA or WoW? I can't go out and get piss-faced drunk with my buddies? Why is it so hard to believe that a gamer can't be a "cool... person with a social life?

We're people too, right? We do have many facets to our personality like anyone else. You will see us on the football field, at the bar, and yes, some of us have to put up with the ID 10 T errors. Some of us do wear the business suit and play the corporate game. Yes, some of us do bluff you into folding your pocket queens. We do have regular lives we live from day to day. Gaming is a hobby for us, and to some, yes, it is a life. We use games to escape from our bills, and to some, gaming pays the bills. What I'm trying to say is, get use to us. The cool guy/ hot girl geek hybrid has invaded so don't be so surprised when you run into someone who does what you do, in addition to being a gamer.

Welcome to the mad rambling of a PetroRabbit...

Bikingamer isn't just for celluloid porn anymore >=P

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Dood, my girlfriend of 7 years... still says I'm a "gamer geek" at heart just because I love to play games. I know being a gamer doesn't make you socially inept or uncool as people might think. Spread the gospel PetroRabbit! We're cool too!

Posted on: Jun 24 2005 - 04:16 by GamerAnonymous did this socially relevant article show up on our site? Hmm, I must counter thus with more smut soon.

Posted on: Jun 24 2005 - 04:57 by Rice Burner

But did you pork her?

Posted on: Jun 24 2005 - 08:31 by liquorinthefront

Sadly the stereotype of gamer geeks being shut-ins weighing over 300 pounds and lacking deodorant products in their home persists, because the media (sometimes us included) perpetuae this misconception... it makes for a better story..... just like all rap fans wear baseball caps at an angle, pants hanging around their thighs, and 5 lbs of cheap bling around their necks.... it all stereotypes....

Thankfully, the more video games reach mass acceptance as a legitimate entertainment form - the stereotypes will continue to fall....

Being a lifelong comic book fan as well as video gamer, I guess I'm DOUBLY SCREWED ;) lol

Posted on: Jun 25 2005 - 11:28 by drzombie

Yeah, but sometimes....IT'S TRUE!!! All I'm saying is respect other peoples passions. If your into cars, that's cool, Pro Wrestling, ok, comics movies and games, right on...oh and breath with your nose, and maintain the proper hygiene. Mr T says so.

Posted on: Jun 25 2005 - 11:45 by Rice Burner

Damn straight! Gamers can be cool. Just because you play video games doesn't mean it consumes your whole life. I may be being hipocritical sinceI don't really where the fact that i'm a gamer on my sleeve, but when people find out I play games a lot they don't view me as a geek. They are often suprised I am a gamer, because they viewed all gamers as immature people, but I'm very involved at my highschool and have many friends. I hate when I hear people who put down gamers calling them geeks(a lot of them play games themselves). On the other hand if in real life all you do is sit around playing video games all day then put the controller down for a little bit and enjoy life.

Posted on: Jun 26 2005 - 09:21 by jonny

Yep it's on MTV now so it must be cool......

I do have to agree though, I love my job!

Posted on: Jun 27 2005 - 12:05 by Octagon

sweet ass cocker

Posted on: Jun 27 2005 - 01:39 by joe kick ass

What...MTV is cool? Not since the mid 90's me thinks. MTV is for the tards.

Posted on: Jul 01 2005 - 07:26 by Rice Burner

rice burner you are funny and your right myv isnot very good! like pbs minds in an mtv world shows that mtv polutes us

Posted on: Apr 19 2006 - 03:37 by cant beat this