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Gamerhelp Redesign -- Sep-01-2006

Check out the new for 2006!

Oriental Heroes -- Jul-14-2006

UC Gundam Online: Dawn of Australia -- Jul-14-2006

Rice Burner's E3 2006 Photo Diary -- May-11-2006

Boo the competition has cute girls.
One shall stand and one shall fall.
Best Buy bytch.
Atlus full of Trama Center nurses
Speaking of Trama Center.
Dedicated to Johnny K.
Power of Korean Game...or shiny bra top.
Sexy or disturbing? You decide.
They smile for the photo, but snub you afterwards.
These girls were really nice.
My feet are not happy.
Why Wii. Why.
There is only one true god.
Wonder if the tux is rented.
Revo . . . Wii.
Soo small . . .so small.
Dizzy dizzy guy.
Our partners in crime.
The girl on the left was very forceful.
Webzen had a killer setup.
More Webzen girls.
Go go gadget dancer.
School girls are a must at E3.
The Webzen lineup part 1.
The Webzen lineup part 2.
Full scale Scareface set. The world is yours!

Rumble Roses XX -- Feb-23-2006

School Girl Drama . . .No She Didn't!
Proper Posture Will Help Prevent Backpain.
Nice . . .Who Cares About Their Heads Anyways?
Holding Hands Rwaks!
Same Outfit, What a Coincidence.
Wonder Twin Powers Activate!
Magic 8-Ball Says, "Your Future Career is a Hooters Waitress."
Don't Mess With Me, I Have Formalware on.
If I Hit You There, They May Grow, Lets Give It a Try.
Free Roaming Charges My Ass
Yeah, I Kick Ass in Heels
Tangerine is Definitly Your Color.
Owie, Owie,Owie.
What . . . I Smell Fish.

Once You Go Gnome You Never Go Home -- Jul-15-2005

Sometimes it's just better to watch.

Other times you gotta bust a move.

I just had to tell someone.

I can't get enough!

Others are intimidated by this display of gnomish freakitude.

Gninja and some chump with a beard vie for the effections of a lovevly gnomish princess.

Whatever could he be talking about?

Damnit, chump 1 Gninja 0.

Oh the agony.

I can't take it.

Gninja is losing ground.

Some punk night elf laughs at my misfortune.

The bearded chump is tiring, clearly not a dancing veteran: time to make my move.

The attack.

Success! Bearded dude couldn't handle the heat and the day is won yet again by Gninja, yes THE Gninja.

Discusssion about the heardware.

Don't they all.

Smalltalk at its best.

Synergy at it's best -- Jun-03-2005

So many scenes to choose from.
Round one fight!
Common, less than a second left!
Don't worry, she'll get hers soon enough.
See?..It pays to refine your Tekken skills.

StarWars Celebration III Post Mortem Photobook -- May-05-2005

Now that's an Imperial recruitment poster.
Potty breaks must be a b*tch.
You do know it's snowing outside... right?
Dude you rock.
Badass 8 foot Grievous.
Who knew Jango's a Man-Purse kind of guy.
Ok, who gets to rip off the gaffer tape.
It's Porkins... and Porkins.
Is it Darth Tar Tar?
Mmm... chocolate.
Wookies don't have any crotch support.
TK-861 your Dakota Durango is parked in a loading zone.
How many more dollars Lucas?
Careful, you'll poke your eye out!
Dam technology! There's a jobless midget somewhere out there.
Me-sah gonna die Anni?
Thou shall not worship the Lego!
It's all doomed... doomed!

Chicks Dig the Piledriver -- Mar-11-2005

She was like "You aint gonna piledrive me", and he's like "Rawr!"
You're over the age of 17 if you're seeing this, right?
Yikes... thats got to hurt big time! Ya heard? Big time!
Morrigan, you're so coy!
Cammy and Zangief share a tender moment before impact.
Oh my!
Not looking good for Cammy.
And then Chun Li was all like, "Ouch!"
The shadow Zangiefs represent a particularly powerful, yes, even SUPER piledriver.
Tired of piledriver after piledriver, Cammy delivers some poetic justice.
Piledriving 101.

Women Who PWN!: Meet Succubus -- Mar-02-2005

Intron Depot Figurines -- Feb-23-2005

Intron Depot model by day, airline stewardess by night.
And this one time in staff weapons camp... ahh I'm not going there.
Laura Croft can't hang with me. Jill Valentine got to move aside. I'm the next rising women star, put me in a video game!
Who is going to win this longest pose / staring contest?
I am a cat, hear me... meow?!?
I am the women's wrestling champion! Well, I think that's why they gave me this belt.

Capcom Fighting Girls -- Feb-16-2005

Women Who PWN: Meet Eva -- Feb-09-2005

Moments in Cartoon History - Trans-form! -- Feb-08-2005

Want some candy little boy?
Don't look at me. Call me Optimus Damn it!

Dub Super Series 2004 -- Feb-08-2005

Crazy Konami Toys -- Dec-06-2004

The entire line up.

I have a gun and a fighter plane.

I'm a maid AND a fighter place.

I'm in a kimono/plane thingy.

Slowly transforming, into a ... tank?

OMG, me too!

Ryu and Ayane are looking fly.

Special gifts -- Dec-01-2004

All 8 of the standard figures. A secret character, Zack, is also floating out there somewhere.

Close up of Lei Fang.

Oh Helena, what are you thinking about?

Lisa like to stretch.

It's showtime!

Strike a pose.

Nice button nose.

Who stole my pants?!

Product promotions! -- Nov-19-2004

DOA Beach was an event held in Hawaii earlier this year.

These photos are from the Famistu site and show the DOA Beach model visiting their offices. Sweeeeeet.

Sorry for the blurry pic, but you can just barely make out the girl spiking a volleyball into the back of an editor's head.

A close up of the model in question.

The Limited Kasumi Xbox as mentioned in the article.

Here is the original pillow design.

And the back of it.

It was later changed to this more conservative one. Boo!

Sexy Get! -- Nov-09-2004

Prepare to feel awkward!
Dancing is job. Wrestling is my passion.
Give me back my house keys!
Are you sure this is how you play leap frog?
Full 32 views of panties. I felt dirty just typing that.

Wake up, let's volleyball! -- Nov-08-2004

Wake up to me every morning.

Put me on the alarm clock! No me! No pick me!

You stole my outfit -- Nov-05-2004

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful and in peril.

Oh gross mister. You're scaring me.

Art from Code - Kagero. Neato.

I'm about to lay the trapdown on you sucka!

Hey look at me! -- Oct-27-2004

Hair is even shorter than previous pic. Giving my best gangsta stare.

Random fun photo that actually got used for the December 2004 issue of Gamestar.

Kasumi's costumes! -- Oct-22-2004

Kasumi's default outfit hasn't changed much over the years. The DOAU version adds richer embroidery textures.

The alternate version of the first outfit is a bit more risqué with better air flow near her shoulders.

The ninja outfit from the original DOA2 is back. The pants are no longer skin tight leotards, which you can argue is not an improvement.

Oh man, the old color swap trick. The red vesion is nicer I think.

The school girl outfits also return although the skirts billow up to reveal the panties a lot more in DOAU. Odd right? Actually not so odd since Team Ninja wants you to notice they detailed those panties this time with various designs.

Yes, another color swap of the previous uniform. I'm not sure which is neater though.

This returning costume from DOA1 is a tad saucier than the original,, but overall it's just okay. Doesn't really do anything for me.

One of the more colorful outfits from DOA2, it's still pretty neat.

Another upgraded DOA1 outfit, the overalls are cute and match Kasumi's personality.

Look, it's the first of the DOAU exclusive outfits. I was fairly lukewarm on this hardware tie-in, but that was before I saw the Xbox branded underwear. Brilliant!

Ah, the second DOAU exclusive outfit. Unfortunately, the skirt just sort of floats unnaturally, detracting from the overall impact of the costume.

Gah, a color swap of costume 7. Then again, I like the red and silver contrast so not a total waste.

Santa Kasumi is the third of the DOAU originals! Those gloves are awesome, but I'm not a big fan of this outfit.

The fourth DOAU original is a rather conservative number and suffers from the same "floaty skirt" problem costume 11 has. Could have been a nice change of pace.

The fishnet stockings are nice, but no replacement for the loss of Xbox branded panties. The fifth of the original DOAU costumes is a let down.

The last of the "new" DOAU outfits is a Japanese school P.E. outfit called a Bloomer, has more impact for folks who grew up with them I think. Still very nice though.

Aw yeah, the beginning of the Xtreme Beach Volleyball outfits. Nothing like kicking butt in a hot bikini!

Another DOAX swimsuit, this is a remix of costume 2 and sweet one at that.

The army bikini was one of my favorites from DOAX and it's a ton of fun to fight in.

One of the most eye popping outfits from DOA1, it's skimpy only at the top. Oh Kasumi, you're such a tease! Is this the final outfit? As far as I've been able to find anyway. Expect an update if anything gets uncovered once the game ships October 26, 2004.

Shameless promo -- Oct-21-2004

A very early promotional booklet for Gamestar. Taken at the Sanyo booth at CES 2004. Models paid to dress up as cheerleaders love Gamestar!

Electronics -- Oct-15-2004

The new exciting new Yepp Y999, plays movies, music, and pics. Held by me at CES 2004. Should be out any day now. (10/15/04)

Hawaii 2004 -- Oct-15-2004

Oh yes, Yakiniku is in full effect.

Did you know Jackie Chan had a restaurant? Neither did I?

So simple, I had to take a pic of it.

According to our trolley guide, The Bus copied The Taxi. Or was it the other way. I forgot.

Home theater -- Oct-15-2004

I was so psyched for the Trilogy DVDs I snapped a photo of it playing on my SONY KV34HS510 HD set.