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Rice Burner's E3 2006 Photo Diary - [ view all galleries ]

Boo the competition has cute girls.
One shall stand and one shall fall.
Best Buy bytch.
Atlus full of Trama Center nurses
Speaking of Trama Center.
Dedicated to Johnny K.
Power of Korean Game...or shiny bra top.
Sexy or disturbing? You decide.
They smile for the photo, but snub you afterwards.
These girls were really nice.
My feet are not happy.
Why Wii. Why.
There is only one true god.
Wonder if the tux is rented.
Revo . . . Wii.
Soo small . . .so small.
Dizzy dizzy guy.
Our partners in crime.
The girl on the left was very forceful.
Webzen had a killer setup.
More Webzen girls.
Go go gadget dancer.
School girls are a must at E3.
The Webzen lineup part 1.
The Webzen lineup part 2.
Full scale Scareface set. The world is yours!